December 23, 2014

Oh my God! We can’t believe that one more year has almost passed.
But anyway it’s true and we are in the middle of the New Year celebration preparation. And of course we can’t celebrate Christmas and New Year Holidays without our beloved clients and partners.

We wanted to share with them the part of Russian soul and traditions. That’s why we needed to choose presents to send to them in this special occasion. After long thinking and checking the Russian post restrictions we have sent them the true Russian honey and jam which are very common desserts in here. Those presents were sent to the USA, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Belarus, France and the UK with the branded postcards and the warmest wishes of happiness and success in the upcoming year. Our developers did their best creating the New Year appication under the QR-code on the postcard for our partner and clients to play a funny game and create a holiday atmosphere.

And one more time: we wish everyone be happy in the upcoming year and achieve any goal they set!

With love,
ADCI Solutions team

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