Our 11 company’s birthday

Our 11 company’s birthday

Our 11 company’s birthday

The 29th of November is the most important day of the ADCI Solutions company’s life. Because our company was founded on this day 11 years ago.

The 29th of November 2007 is the start of our history. Some guys have turned their computers and started to create websites. Step by step, day by day ADCI Solutions has developed and gradually expanded. Today our Drupal agency consists of 40 employees.

This year was very interesting for us. Some facts. We visited DrupalCon Nashville, DrupalCon Europe. Our team member held the sessions at these events. Our manager of sales and marketing Iullia got a grant and visited Nashville. The ADCI Solutions company’s client presented our team lead Artyom with a trip to Nashville DrupalCon. We held BoF (Birds of a Feather) in Nashville and Darmstadt ourselves. We have visited Code Fest 6, Front Talks, and Teamleadconf. Also, we created our new corporate website with improved interface and design! And we are so happy about it! We were credited on more than 300 issues and fixed it, you can check it on the official Drupal site. We continue to stay on the first page of Drupal companies list.

We wrote 19 articles on different topics for our website. We held 10 outward events and get our self-records for the number of its participants. We proud of it, of course.

Every year we celebrate this special day and share with you how it was on our blog. Let’s not break the tradition and let us remember how the eleventh birthday went.

We celebrated the company’s birthday at the small cozy bar on Friday’s evening after work.

Our event-manager Nastya prepared interesting competitions and tasks for colleagues. We divided into teams and competed with each other. We had music and intellectual tours guessed shadows of our developers and wrote nice wishes to colleagues into envelopes.

We raised toasts to the prosperity of the company and listened to the speech of our CEO Alexander. He took stock of the year and praised employees for the work done.

At the end of celebrating we drew for the funny and useful coupons at the auction: a coupon for playing PlayStation out of turn all week, a coupon for having dinner with CEO and team leads, a coupon for work one day from home and many others.

We love holidays, the company’s birthday particularly because it helps to energize us for a long time.

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