Quarantine motivation

Quarantine motivation without involuntary Zoom calls

Quarantine motivation without involuntary Zoom calls

In 2020, we all have faced forced self-isolation. This is a period of time when introverts and gamers don’t understand the difference in life before and after, but many workers suffer and try not to lose their minds while working at home. We’ll share how we have built communication processes in our team and how we have been supporting the corporate spirit during the period of self-isolation in this blog post.

How to track the mood of employees in the company?

The first thing we did was the creation of a simple mood poll. Every Thursday, our HR-manager Maria sends a form to a corporate chat to find out how many people miss work from the office on a scale of 1 to 10, how many people have difficulties working from home, how they assess their productivity, etc. And also employees can send greetings to their colleagues in an unusual way through the form. This way, we draw conclusions about problems that can or affect work from home - the home environment, equipment problems, lack of motivation - and eliminate them at an early stage. 

The second thing we did was a Zoom chat with a CEO who answered all the anonymous questions of the employees. This is one of the ways to maintain transparency. Another one is issuing an internal newsletter every month. Newsletter also keeps the team updated on all the current events and latest news.

Increase engagement in the team and with an HR-brand

It was a great idea to throw photo contests among colleagues. We recalled what we did exactly a year ago before the period of self-isolation. Someone has not lost all their hair from programming yet, someone took part in a University contest and told a fable written by his grandfather, someone mixed up trains and came to a dangerous New York borough, and someone was peacefully eating ramen Sichuan in the office. Life was different.

Another competition was workplace competition. Guys and girls showed how they arranged their workspaces. Some of them definitely make cats work instead of them. 

Our subscribers in social networks choose 3 winners, and we sent these lucky people 3 pizzas each.

Recently, we have brought new life to our logo. We contacted the local art community JVCR which is very popular in our hometown. The artist Sergey Gorozhankin provided us with several logo ideas, but we especially loved this one below.

Alternative ADCI Solutions logo
Alternative ADCI Solutions logo

We asked our subscribers in a local social network -  what our company with such a logo could do? According to their versions, we could be rock stars, make military raids, create music albums’ covers for the acid techno or become a cinema-circuit. We awarded the winner for the best answer with a pizza and a T-shirt with a company logo.

We are counting the days until return to the office and the huge party we’re going to hold right after that. Follow the news on social networks and see you soon.

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