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What you should know about Drupal Europe 2018

What you should know about Drupal Europe 2018

Drupal Europe was held in Darmstadt on September 10-14. It is the first conference of this magnitude which was organized by Drupal volunteers. It is hard to overestimate all works which were done by the team of organizers. Many thanks to all who took part in it. Just imagine: there were more than 150 sessions! And how many Drupal lovers and newcomers were there to share expertise, get new knowledge and acquaintances!

Our team members had a chance to join all these people at Drupal Europe and now we can tell about all the activities and exciting news which were there. So, if you couldn’t visit Drupal Europe, it is your opportunity to dive into all details of this event and find out the latest Drupal news.

One of the most expected sessions was DriesNote. Dries mentioned companies who intensively contribute to the Drupal CMS, told about the Drupal future and shared the last news and ideas. All we had to do was to give a standing ovation to all who was relevant to this work.  

Dries told about the future of Drupal

Dries told about the future of Drupal. Photo by Josef Dabernig

Here are some insights which were shared during the Dries’ session:

  • Drupal 9 will be released in 2020.
  • The next DrupalCon Europe will be held in Amsterdam 28 Oct - 1 Nov 2019.
  • Drupal became the fastest technology to install! Before it took 20+ clicks and 15 minutes but now you do only 3 clicks and spend 1.27 minutes! You may find a table of full comparison with other technologies on a slide in the gallery.
  • Dries also spoke about the Javascript Modernization initiative. Now the Drupal Community is trying to build a bridge to the JavaScript Community and modernize Drupal through API-first and JavaScript.

In the gallery below, you may see a full list of initiatives which will be implemented into practice soon.

Also, It was incredible to be among the top 30 companies which did the most of all contributions to the development of the Drupal CMS.

One more event which our team members had an honor to visit was Round Table with Dries and other partners and supports. There were a big number of business owners and representatives of different Drupal companies.

A variety of questions were discussed there. The main ones were: how to compete with other CMSs and how to promote Drupal. It was an almost two-hour discourse where everybody could tell about problems that Drupal has and suggest solutions.

The ADCI Solutions team wasn’t only a listener but had prepared our own activities: BoF on Drupal marketing and a session “How to boost your team members performance”.

There was a dynamic discussion at BoF. All places were taken and we were happy to see so many people who feel passionately about Drupal promotion as we do. A lot of Drupalers joined us and it was great to hear a big number of ideas, life hacks, and thoughts from people working with this CMS in different countries.

The main points which were touched during BoF were Drupal positioning, competition with other CMSs and between different Drupal companies, how to explain what Drupal is to non-tech people, and how to hire a Drupal developer.

The BoF’s participants determined the primary advantages of the Drupal CMS:

  • It allows you to see a result right away.
  • It is powerful and fast, as well as completely suitable for content-heavy projects.
  • It is an open source technology.
  • It is the best variant if you need a long-term solution because Drupal is highly scalable. You can change it in the future when your business is bigger.
Marketing BoF at Drupal Europe 2018

Marketing BoF at Drupal Europe 2018. Photo by Chandeep Khosa

Also, our Head of Organization development Marina held the session and more than 60 people came there. She told how to implement a personal development plan in a company and how it can influence effectiveness of teamwork. It was the 4th Marina’s session at such a large conference and it is great that a girl from a small Siberian city has a feasibility to do it. Thanks to the Drupal community!

The "How to boost your team performance" session at Drupal Europe

Marina held the session on team performance at Drupal Europe. Photo by Marina Paych

Hope that you will take an opportunity to visit the next DrupalCon in Seattle in April! Drupal Europe proved that Drupal is still growing and developing. New great possibilities are waiting for all Drupalers in the future! Let’s contribute together and speed up the appearance of high-grade features.

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