December 23, 2013
In a threshold of Christmas and New year holidays everybody waits for gifts and warm words. What to do if people we want to share the pleasure of a holiday with are far away? In ADCI Solutions we decided to deliver hot congratulations from cold Siberia to different corners of the world by means of Santa Claus's mail.  We selected the real woolen mittens as gifts. They are hand-made and they symbolize the heat of our hearts. Our mittens can warm in the winter or just cheer up if there's no snow.

The New Year's sledge harnessed by deers ran all over the world not to be late with the delivery of our hot greetings. All our distant friends, clients and partners in the USA, Great Britain, Italy, France, Australia and Belarus received gifts on time.

Actually there are much more people we would like to congratulate personally, but we can't restrain Santa's deers for a long time.  Therefore we congratulate everybody here and now:

Happy New year and Merry Christmas!  We wish you stability and prosperity and hope for effective cooperation in the New year. 


Yours faithfully, ADCI Solutions.

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