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If you came here from Google, you might have searched for “urgent web development help”, “optimize website speed”, “security updates” or you have found our treaty in the How to conduct a website audit article. 

This offer is especially for you: we know that choosing a web development company is a serious decision and we made this way shorter and safer. Leave a request and our specialists will conduct a website audit and update the website software 'till the latest secured version. And if you're a lucky Drupal website owner, we will do the minor Drupal update instead.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so let us persuade you why doing a website audit and applying security updates is extremely important. 

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Why conduct website audit?

Why should you care about auditing a website? How to do a website audit?

Two words: performance optimization. There are many functional areas on your website and each one needs your love desperately. It goes without saying that one non-functioning area can drop the performance of others. We will omit a complete website audit checklist for now but below you will find out the main points to pay attention to.

Design and UX help newcomers comprehend who you are and perform a call-to-action. What’s more, appealing interactive design catches the eye of the visitors and makes them stay longer.

The lead generation process should be straightforward and users better understand what actions they should take. When it comes to business logic, make sure you track a user’s way throughout a website and can check what they do at each step.

Content works in pair with design and helps to create consistency on the website. While design uses visual metaphors to explain who you are, content complements the design and explains who you are. These two cannot contradict each other.

SEO helps people find out about you on the web. So do the website audit for SEO if you want to be discoverable on Google. We advise starting with the technical on-site SEO and only then boosting your web presence with off-site SEO. 

Last but not least, technical website audit. Check the technical metrics of your website. All these LCP, FID, CLS, and TTI impact the performance of the website, and, consequently, your visibility on search engines.

This leads us to another closely related topic: security updates and why apply them.

Free Drupal update and website audit

Why do Drupal updates and security updates at all?

Following the topic of how to improve website performance, we need to get ourselves acquainted with the matter of security updates.

Imagine you leave in a house with a wooden door and a hay roof. As long as there are no storms and rainfalls, you probably will be safe and sound but it cannot last forever. You need to relay the roof and put on an iron door. The same with websites. Your website has or will have software installed and every kind of software has its own longevity: once a new version of the software is released, you need to install it to save your data and the website itself. 

Let’s have a look at the Drupal update as a great example of the necessity of security updates. The bugfix release window for minor Drupal versions 9.4.x and 7.x is scheduled for every first Wednesday (1200 UTC Tuesday - 1200 UTC Thursday). It means that Drupal gets updates every month or more often - depending on the number of discovered vulnerabilities. Having omitted even a couple of such updates, you put yourself at a 100% risk of retaining malicious software.

However, Drupal needs not only minor version updates: in the light of the upcoming end of life, website owners had better update Drupal 7 if their sites run on that version of CMS. It’s absolutely necessary to update Drupal 8 websites as they have already reached their end of life, and Drupal 8 is not applicable for long-term support. 

What about, say, WordPress updates? Techjury reports that “98% of its vulnerabilities come from plugins”, so applying security plugins is crucial for security. 

You have to update Drupal core timely, but there’s other software your website uses. We meticulously described why you need to apply updates on your website on the example of PHP updates. Read more about necessary operations in the context of website maintenance in our article The importance of website maintenance

In a hurry? Book any expert web developer from our team for a Drupal upgrade and try out our website audit services.


What results can you expect from website audit and security updates?

Let us repeat ourselves and cite our article Front end performance optimization. Google Support claims that performance matters and brings facts to the table:

“Longer page load times have a severe effect on bounce rates. For example: if page load time increases from 1 second to 3 seconds, the bounce rate increases by 32%. If page load time increases from 1 second to 6 seconds, bounce rate increases by 106%.”

What about updating website software in general and doing Drupal updates in particular?

Since 2013 and the Forbes article, it is supposed that 30,000 websites are hacked every day. The consequences differ a lot: from defacing a website interface and spreading a message to a particular audience to hacking the content management system of the website and getting access to its data be it credit cards’ numbers or the email addresses of your subscribers and clients. Findstack claims that “the average cost of a hack for each company is around $3.86 million.” Could you afford it?

If you cannot, please, consider updating your website timely. You don’t want to experience Zoom’s troubles dated 2020 when hackers sold more than 500,000 Zoom passwords on the dark web, according to Findstack, do you?

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