Web Development

A well-elaborated quality website is a must for any company willing to win its customers’ hearts

Our aspiration

We put over 10 years of our web development experience into each project and keep challenging ourselves to go beyond ordinary for our clients. No matter if we start from scratch or pick up an existing project — we treat it as a finalized product aimed to benefit our client.

We’ve got 35 talents

  • Gifted designers who make your website functionality clear and appealing to users
  • Seasoned back-end developers who ensure the flawless functioning and a top security
  • Accurate front-end developers who create responsive layouts in latest technologies
  • Meticulous QA engineers who find and fight any bug at no time
  • Devoted project managers who build bridges between a client and a team
  • A rational marketing crew that is great at finding efficient while cost-effective solutions

The service we deliver

Starting from scratch can be a bit scary: no content created yet, no full picture of results. But don’t worry! We’ve been there hundreds of times and know what to do. We have a complex approach to work: we consider your business goals, do amazing design, suggest an appropriate technology stack, and think over the promotion in advance.

In the end, you’re going to have a complete product aligned with your business vision. Our project managers are always in touch to make the whole process transparent and clear. Your manager will do the best to transmit your expectations to the team and describe the team’s ideas to you.

Our background

We’ve gone a long way, but the best is yet to come. Since 2007 we delivered projects for such organizations and companies as Oxford Business Group, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Drupal Association, Acronis, Alutech, Green Street Solar, The National Science Foundation, GoIntro.

We are skilled in developing big and well-structured corporate websites, profitable e-commerce websites, complicated portals for medical and scientific institutions, internal customized CRM systems, interactive web applications with a good UX.

However, we never rest on laurels and are open to new challenges. So don’t hesitate to keep us busy doing projects related to other fields! We are fast learners and have enough resources to implement new things without issues during the development process.

Technology stack

  • Back end: PHP, Drupal 7 / 8, Symfony, Wordpress, Node.js, Git, MySQL / MariaDB, Composer, RESTful
  • Front end: JavaScript, React, Angular, Vue.js, HTML5, CSS3, Twig, Pug, Sass, Less, Stylus, PostCSS, Bootstrap, npm, ES2015+, jQuery, Gulp, webpack
  • Server: nginx, Apache HTTP Server, Apache Solr, Vagrant, Docker
  • QA: BrowserStack, Selenium, PHPUnit, BackstopJS, Jasmine
  • Deployment: Capistrano, Deployer

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