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The core service of ADCI Solutions is web application development. Although we tend to focus on particular technologies and proven solutions, our first and foremost mission is to deliver high-quality applications running with the technology that addresses the client’s goals and needs better. Let us dive deep into your business specifics and choose an appropriate technology stack.

Have you heard about our web application development company?


As a team of development experts where back-end development and front-end development are provided by different specialists for the sake of quality, our technology stack is wider than what an average team or freelancer can offer you. This is a unique value proposition of our business and the guarantee that clients will get a scalable project with few core technologies that are fully compatible with each other.

What do we develop? In a nutshell, an application for any purpose can be developed by our team: we will analyze the features you need, your plans for extending the application further, and your budget & time requirements and restrictions. You may contact us for SaaS development, a content management system (CMS) development, front-end development, and even the support of your existing project - let us have a look.

Why сhoose ADCI Solutions for web application development

Instead of wasting your money on a unique approach to web development, we prefer simplicity and efficiency. We do use the best practices of development and project management.

Flexibility. There are always 3 dimensions in web application development: time, budget and quality. While we cannot neglect quality, we can always find a common ground regarding time and budget. 

Experience. Our history dates back to 2007 - a year when our web application development company was founded. And some of our specialists have 10 years of experience in web development. Rest assured: your website will be made by true experts.  

Staff. We have junior, middle, and senior developers, and we allocate resources according to the complexity of your web application. 

Speed. We don’t drag our feet doing paperwork instead of web application development. We start as soon as we get your commitment to work with us. 

Wide technology stack. PHP, Drupal 7/8/9, Symfony, WordPress, NodeJs, CSS3, Javascript (ES6-8), React, Gatsby, Next, Vue.js, React Native, PWA, Expo.

Quality-price ratio. Many US and European customers choose us because our rates are far more competitive while the quality of our works cannot be called into question. 

Our workflow

We have a simplified workflow so working with us is easy, pleasant, and mutually beneficial.

Let’s go over the typical stages of web app development.

Onboarding. At the kickoff meeting, the sales manager briefs you about your web application in general and your goals, requirements, budget and timeline restrictions in particular. Then the lead developer explores tech documentation, project aims, requirements. 

Wireframes and design. Wireframing minimizes risks of sudden layout and functionality changes at later stages. Any web application development company would agree that elaborated design is 50% of success. We use Figma, Sketch, Photoshop, Zeplin, and Over, Bazart and InShot for animation.

Web app development itself. Usually, it’s both back-end and front-end development. Sometimes, we can start front-end development almost simultaneously with the back end, so the project progresses much faster.

Testing, deployment and post-project support and maintenance conclude this list. Our team is always at your service whenever you have a design or development request.


Our expertise in web app development 

Clients choose our web app development company not only for the beautiful pictures from the portfolio but for the results they get and for our proactive approach.

Some figures:

  • 80% of new clients stay with us for the second and further projects
  • 10+ years - we’ve been on the market since 2007, and our knowledge base is pretty impressive
  • 2-3 weeks - average start time for a big project (500+ hours). During this time, we clarify the scope of work, sign necessary documents, and assign a team of expert developers
  • 5/5 - our mark on Clutch. Read reviews about our work below


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