Symfony development services

What is Symfony?

Symfony is a PHP framework that you will crave for. Your developers are highly likely to like it even more.

How is it different from the content management systems?

In simple words, the CMS has many ready-made solutions like free modules in Drupal; the frameworks like Symfony have the reusable components aimed at making the developer’s life easier. These components can be used for generic features: your budget will be safer; your developers will do less routine work. 

Having the repeated functionality implementation covered, you can pay attention to the development of specific and complex functionality. 

Choose Symfony if you have unique requirements.

What Symfony is used for?

  • Custom CRM applications: huge organizations like Oxford Business prefer Symfony to create their inner systems. Dashboards, statistics, communication between employees - tune it all according to your needs
  • Science website with complex interactive tools: one of our projects included the matrix tool development with Vue.js on the front end
  • Corporate website or portfolio with specific features to make you stand out in the crowd

Do you need a Symfony website?

Let’s check up whether your site needs to be created with Symfony. If there are 3 and more points chosen, Symfony is recommended

  1. You have unique requirements that cannot be fulfilled with packaged solutions or CMSs’ plugins and modules.
  2. You need to get your developers rid of routine tasks, and it’s crucial for you.
  3. You need a stable solution with an exact maintainer and owner, not just an Open Source community, behind it.
  4. You consider that your website must bear the high load and a big traffic.
  5. You need the well-documented tool so that your developers can find a solution right away.

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