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At ADCI Solutions, we always have time for you thanks to the allocated support and maintenance team. Remember this moment: from now on, you don’t have to worry about website security and overall performance. Entrust your website to ADCI Solutions - your technical support partner serving since 2007.

Support packages

All subscription options are inspired by our constant work with a wide technology stack and include the most popular support operations. Choose the package or ask us to tailor one of them according to your needs. Our workflow is simple and straightforward: purchase a monthly subscription and spend these hours on any requests.

*Service does not include the development of the new features or redevelopment of the current website

We support not only your website but your business

We work with businesses of different scales and budgets for development, and these specifics were taken into account in packages composition. No matter how complex an issue or a task is, they are aimed at one of these three goals:

  1. the main website functionality must work properly and as designed
  2. website's data and its visitors’ data must be secured
  3. a website should adhere to the most recent requirements of search engines 

In the end, you will see the positive changes whatever package you choose; it won’t happen in one day - it is consistent and sometimes tedious work that pays off in a long run (if you tackle SEO, you know what we’re talking about). Has a number of relevant leads grown? More submits and inquiries for your services or products? Has the bounce rate decreased? These and other metrics are to change if you take care of your website constantly. Have you already found your trusted partner? We would love to hear from you.

Meanwhile, let us tell you what aspects of website performance we should regularly pay attention to in order to have at least acceptable performance and security. 

Debugging. On guard of your CTAs and goals

Are you sure that buttons, forms, fields, other essential website elements are working as supposed? Could users submit the contact form or process payment? Does anything prevent it? 

Let us check how the functionality works during a thorough website debugging - it is included in every package. What differs is the number of hours, so the more hours you get - the more we can check. Once we find a bug, it won’t last long. 

The lack of regular debugging means that earlier or later an obnoxious mistake will happen: a client that could order a huge parcel wouldn’t be able to pay for it because you hadn’t checked if the payment gateway works. Or you would miss an important application because you reached a limit of free emails from your mass mailing provider and it stopped sending emails.

We can prevent all of it just by doing a regular check-up every month.

Security. Don’t let hackers turn any stone

Technologies and software are developing rapidly, it’s commonplace. While maintainers launch new versions of products, the outdated versions become vulnerable due to security gaps that inevitably occur and get discovered.  

Logins, passwords, emails, credit and debit cards’ numbers and CVV codes, personal information - don’t you think that no one wants them, right? Selling databases with your personal information is supposed to be a huge business in the darknet. In the worst-case scenario, the data might not only be stolen but you will also be blackmailed. 

Our packages include regular software updates, security updates, patch updates, SSL-certificates updates, and, of course, database backups. If we were to choose just one aspect of website maintenance, we would pay attention to security and regular updates. Please, take it seriously as well: saving money on software updates may result in huge losses later.

SEO. Doing on-site fixes for better visibility

«If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business». That goes without saying in the 21st century: the higher you’re in search engines ranking, the more chances for success you have. SEO support can be either on-site or off-site. On-site support includes all kinds of work on the website itself; its goal is to make sure that the website adheres to the best SEO practices. That’s what we’re going to do.

Packages “Basic Support” and “Advanced Support” provide you with the following on-site SEO services: setting tracking tools, title tags, description tags, image tags, meta tags, broken links, tuning the server files - .htaccess, robots.txt, sitemap.xml. 

We will also update text and graphic content on-demand as search engines love updates and fresh content. 

Terms and conditions

  1. ADCI Solutions approves each request for a support package after the website has been assessed by the ADCI Solutions support team.
  2. Access to website files, control panel and database is required in order to perform the package services.
  3. Service does not include data migration. This service can be obtained under a custom package.
  4. Package services can only be used during their current period and do not roll over to the following periods.
  5. Additional hours and/or services can be acquired at an additional cost and after approval by the ADCI Solutions support team.

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