IT solutions for eCommerce

Daydreaming about selling your products to a wider audience? Get your business online and plant the seeds of success. Or probably you have an existing e-commerce store that cannot keep up with the competitors in terms of design and ease of use? ADCI Solutions is at your service to help you outplay everyone else in your industry. 

Our solutions for eCommerce

Commerce Profile

Use our Drupal Commerce Profile to get started with your first eCommerce website. It already has all the must-have pages:

  • The Homepage featuring the popular categories of products, the shopping cart preview, special offers - what is your customer here after all? Give ‘em easy and convenient shopping and place everything in front of their eyes
  • The Categories page which gives more information on the categories from the Homepage
  • The Blogs page to get more organic traffic thanks to popular queries from Google
  • The Contact us page

Thanks to the Drupal scalability and flexibility, this online store can easily be extended with custom functionality and get redesigned. 

The Drupal profile is a perfect jump-start solution for your new business: test easy, test cheap. 


Food Delivery Profile

Food Delivery Profile is literally Anything-Delivery-Profile. The delivery business has made a big leap during the worldwide lockdown in 2020, and according to studies and researches, eCommerce will be flourishing in the future.

  • The Homepage: Product of the day, Bestsellers, Special offers, New products, Sale, Featured products, Product search
  • The products catalog with a convenient price filter. The product card shows a detailed product description, price, and it contains the button “Add to the cart”
  • The How it works page that contains the FAQ section and the workflow description
  • The About Us page
  • The Shopping cart area
  • The Contact Us page
  • Bonus: the Typography page. Designers and front-end developers will absolutely love it 

Use our ready-to-use profile for your delivery business. Flowers, food, toys, construction materials - you name it.

Absolutely free. 



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