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When simple and obvious solutions don’t work, it’s time to address user experience and web design. Research says that it takes less than a second for a user to make a judgment about a website. Don’t spend this second in vain and enhance your eCommerce website and its features and functionality.

Our eCommerce web design services 

Unique eCommerce website design is what will make the experience of your users unparalleled. “Wrap” your web products carefully, give them a decent look with our website design services: every little imagery on an eCommerce website makes a huge difference if it helps push a website visitor down through the marketing funnel. Web design helps achieve business goals and drive sales, and we know how to do it.


User experience (UX) design

Professional website design starts with user experience planning: for a user, it should be obvious what value they can get from a website, and how to conduct the main action (marketing experts call it CTA - call-to-action).


eCommerce user interface (UI) design

Once UX research is done, web design follows. Your project now has not only rough mockups and user scenarios but also appropriate graphics, photos, illustrations. The overall look becomes complete and gets its own colors and design elements.

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eCommerce website support and maintenance

The next step is implementing your designs into life - we’ll get you covered. Development services vary from simple software updates to feature development.

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A/B testing

It steps in when the website doesn’t fulfill the goals but functionality works perfectly. If your shopping cart gets abandoned on a regular basis, consider testing different hypotheses for your project. Probably, the check-out process is way too complicated?

Our solutions: the eCommerce design concept

How your future eCommerce website can look like?

We created a design concept for an online store, say, of home appliances. Any ambitious company wants to expand its area of work, and we claim about those plans out load: see how the font pushes the boundaries of a circle that surrounds it. 

This is the concept for brave and sassy teams that are not afraid to want more and go for it whatever it takes.

Are you the one? 

This design concept is for sale. Contact us

Your benefits from our eCommerce design solutions

What benefits our solutions will bring to you:

  1. Design with the potential for scalability: our UX/UI won’t become cuffs of your wrists, it is extendable, reusable, and highly functional.
  2. Custom design: we love trends but we won’t offer fancy asymmetric grids if that doesn’t address your needs. 
  3. Clear user scenarios: we like it simple. Be sure, if this is up to us, we suggest the most obvious and short way to a CTA button or key action on your website.
  4. You take part in the design: we always take into consideration all your references, brand books, and personal wishes: it’s important to us that you’re satisfied with the result. 


Why do our clients choose ADCI Solutions?


You came to us because you need seasoned professionals who can answer all of your questions. We appreciate your trust and are ready to bring proves of our expertise to the table.

45: we have more than 45 professionals in the team - your tasks will be done by people who are the best in their job
The years 2007: we’ve been on the market for 13+ years, and our knowledge base is pretty impressive
5/5 - our mark on Clutch. Read reviews about our development&design company work

Analytics from Clutch have confirmed our professionalism and placed us among the great teams:

2017 Listing: Top Web Developers in Russia announced by Clutch
2018 Listing: Top Web Developers in Russia announced by Clutch 
2019 Listing: Top Drupal Developers Worldwide announced by Clutch
2020 Listing: Top B2B providers in Russia announced by Clutch
2020 Listing: Top 1000 Companies Clutch Global

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