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Shopping online has never been that easy and convenient. As a highly client-focused company, ADCI Solutions is ready to get you rid of the waste of time and the dangers of dense crowds. Shop home, shop safely.

Our eCommerce web development services 

Your eCommerce website can serve many goals: be it an online comparison platform, a subscription-based community, or a classic online shop - let our development team create this customized eCommerce experience for you.


eCommerce website development from scratch

Our consultants will help you define goals and core functionality and together with eCommerce web developers from ADCI Solutions, they will offer a relevant tech stack and help you plan the roadmap.


eCommerce website support and maintenance

We work with an existing online business as well, so you can be sure we’ll get you covered. Development services vary from simple software updates to feature development.


eCommerce web design

Look, even ugly design can work sometimes, but don’t put yourself in a bind - let our web and graphic designers plan and deliver a user interface that your users will love.


A/B testing of your eCommerce solutions

If your customer tends to show lower conversion rates and UX/UI design improvement doesn’t help much, suggest conducting A/B testing and check different hypotheses.


Drupal Commerce

Drupal is our favorite of all times: out-of-the-box features? Sure. The enterprise level? Okay, you got it. Highly customizable functionality? Tell us what you need and our 10+ years of Drupal experience will help us deliver almost everything. 

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Online comparison website development and support

eCommerce platforms include not only online shops but online aggregators as well. This is an eCommerce business that gets monetized when a user buys a product via a referral link through such a website.

Our solutions for eCommerce

Commerce Profile

Use our Drupal Commerce Profile to get started with your first eCommerce website. It already has all the must-have pages:

  • The Homepage featuring the popular categories of products, the shopping cart preview, special offers - what is your customer here after all? Give ‘em easy and convenient shopping and place everything in front of their eyes
  • The Categories page which gives more information on the categories from the Homepage
  • The Blogs page to get more organic traffic thanks to popular queries from Google
  • The Contact us page

Thanks to the Drupal scalability and flexibility, this online store can easily be extended with custom functionality and get redesigned. 

The Drupal profile is a perfect jump-start solution for your new business: test easy, test cheap. 


Food Delivery Profile

Food Delivery Profile is literally Anything-Delivery-Profile. The delivery business has made a big leap during the worldwide lockdown in 2020, and according to studies and researches, eCommerce will be flourishing in the future.

  • The Homepage: Product of the day, Bestsellers, Special offers, New products, Sale, Featured products, Product search
  • The products catalog with a convenient price filter. The product card shows a detailed product description, price, and it contains the button “Add to the cart”
  • The How it works page that contains the FAQ section and the workflow description
  • The About Us page
  • The Shopping cart area
  • The Contact Us page
  • Bonus: the Typography page. Designers and front-end developers will absolutely love it 

Use our ready-to-use profile for your delivery business. Flowers, food, toys, construction materials - you name it.

Absolutely free. 


Your benefits from our eCommerce solutions 

Why would you like to work with us and use our eCommerce development services?

Business-oriented approach. ADCI Solutions eCommerce experts think in business terms and offer solutions that would benefit not only the technical side of the project but also your business goals. We won’t suggest writing every piece of functionality from scratch if there’s a ready-made Open Source solution for this. 

Proven technical stack. No experiments on your project (until you insist), only bullet-proof integrations and development techniques. We analyze our past works and suggest a roadmap for development based on already delivered projects.

Scalable solutions. We don’t do hardcoded stuff that is impossible to change after implementation. We design your product to be scalable and easily extendable.


Why do our clients choose ADCI Solutions?

You came to us because you need seasoned professionals who can answer all of your questions. We appreciate your trust and are ready to bring proves of our expertise to the table.

80% of new clients stay with us for the second and further projects
13+ years - we’ve been on the market since 2007, and our knowledge base is pretty impressive
2-3 weeks - average start time for a big project (500+ hours). During this time, we clarify the scope of work, sign necessary documents, and assign a team of expert developers
5/5 - our mark on Clutch. Read reviews about our Drupal development company work

The independent analytics from Clutch have confirmed our professionalism and placed us among the great teams:

2017 Listing: Top Web Developers in Russia announced by Clutch
2018 Listing: Top Web Developers in Russia announced by Clutch 
2019 Listing: Top Drupal Developers Worldwide announced by Clutch
2020 Listing: Top B2B providers in Russia announced by Clutch
2020 Listing: Top 1000 Companies Clutch Global

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