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Having hard times and the footfall is decreasing? Not only the pandemic restrains our freedom of movement but consumer behavior changes. By the end of 2020, the online shopping market size is estimated to hit 4 trillion. According to Digital Commerce 360 which is a leading media about e-retailing, B2B eCommerce, and digital healthcare, in the US, there was an eCommerce sales jump of 37% in the third quarter, and we don’t even talk about other countries and their growth.

It’s really a high-time to embrace a new reality and go online - to the second revenue stream.

Our retailer website design services

Look at the picture below: those are the things people prefer buying online in the USA. If you see something that you sell offline - consider a retailer website design service. One more interesting research by Statista says that by 2023 there will be 300 million online shoppers! Look at the trends in the USA: sometime later, you will see the same patterns developing worldwide among your target audience.




UX design

Create a seamless user experience for shoppers and make sure the website navigation is clear, and the check-out process is as simple as possible. Eliminate extra steps on your future retailer website.


UI design

This is the second part of the web design process. Web designers finish mock-ups, apply colors, draw illustrations and polish the pages to represent the content in the best way ever.

Web 0

Web development

If you need to apply the designs to life (we bet you do!), you need to address web development specialists. They will build the back end providing all online store operations, and realize the designs on the front end.

Drupal 1

Drupal eCommerce

Drupal CMS has a powerful ready-made solution for retail stores, and our Drupal experts will be happy to create an eCommerce website for your business. Drupal lets reduce time on development significantly.


Responsive design

If you consider that your clients will shop online on-the-go, make your website mobile-friendly with our web design services. Your current and new clients will be able to buy from your store from different devices.

Test 0

A/B testing

This service is a must for anyone who wants to test web design. What CTA button works better? What offer positioning converts more users? Ask your marketing department about their conversion improvement hypotheses. 

Our solutions for retail

Commerce Profile

Use our Drupal Commerce Profile to get started with your first eCommerce website. It already has all the must-have pages:

  • The Homepage featuring the popular categories of products, the shopping cart preview, special offers - what is your customer here after all? Give ‘em easy and convenient shopping and place everything in front of their eyes
  • The Categories page which gives more information on the categories from the Homepage
  • The Blogs page to get more organic traffic thanks to popular queries from Google
  • The Contact us page

Thanks to the Drupal scalability and flexibility, this online store can easily be extended with custom functionality and get redesigned. 

The Drupal profile is a perfect jump-start solution for your new business: test easy, test cheap. 


Food Delivery Profile

Food Delivery Profile is literally Anything-Delivery-Profile. The delivery business has made a big leap during the worldwide lockdown in 2020, and according to studies and researches, eCommerce will be flourishing in the future.

  • The Homepage: Product of the day, Bestsellers, Special offers, New products, Sale, Featured products, Product search
  • The products catalog with a convenient price filter. The product card shows a detailed product description, price, and it contains the button “Add to the cart”
  • The How it works page that contains the FAQ section and the workflow description
  • The About Us page
  • The Shopping cart area
  • The Contact Us page
  • Bonus: the Typography page. Designers and front-end developers will absolutely love it 

Use our ready-to-use profile for your delivery business. Flowers, food, toys, construction materials - you name it.

Absolutely free. 


Rely on our website design solutions for retailers

Our retail web design will catch your attention and bring you results: with our experience in eCommerce of different scales, we are in the loop of the needs of various businesses.

We can enhance your existing retail website. For example, for one of our projects - an online comparison website -  we refactored the import system and decreased the feeds update time by 2 times - from 26-28 hours to 12-15 hours.

We can design a custom website tailored to your needs. We don’t limit your freedom when it comes to functionality. If you need a customized check-out process - we’ll be there for you. 

We will provide ongoing support and maintenance. You don’t have to worry about website updates and its performance. We have a support program that includes regular security updates, software updates, and performance improvement. Should we already count you in?


Why do our clients choose ADCI Solutions?

Clients choose our full-cycle web development company not only for the beautiful pictures from the portfolio but for the results they get and for our proactive approach.

Some figures:

  • 80% of new clients stay with us for the second and further projects
  • 10+ years - we’ve been on the market since 2007, and our knowledge base is pretty impressive
  • 2-3 weeks - average start time for a big project (500+ hours). During this time, we clarify the scope of work, sign necessary documents, and assign a team of expert developers
  • 5/5 - our mark on Clutch. Read reviews about our work and check our awards.

2017 Listing: Top Web Developers in Russia announced by Clutch
2018 Listing: Top Web Developers in Russia announced by Clutch 
2019 Listing: Top Drupal Developers Worldwide announced by Clutch
2020 Listing: Top B2B providers in Russia announced by Clutch
2020 Listing: Top 1000 Companies Clutch Global

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