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Bibliography and Citation module’s addition. It makes the process of adding information easy and convenient for admins

This is an addition to the Bibliography & Citation module (BibCite), which enables users to automatically prepopulate bibliographic references data by entering DOI (Digital object identifier).

Let us remind you what bibliography and citation are. A bibliography is a list of all of the sources you have used (whether referenced or not) in the process of researching your work.
A citation is a borrowing of a text fragment, formulas, provisions, illustrations, tables, and other elements of the author. Also, the citation is a non-literal, translated or paraphrased reproduction of a fragment of text, an analysis of the content of other publications in the text of the work.

The Bibliography & Citation - Crossref module’s purpose is to save time and make the process of adding information easy and convenient for admins. With this module, the website’s admins shouldn’t search and write by themselves: 

  • the authors' names
  • the titles of the works
  • the names and locations of the companies that published your copies of the sources
  • the dates your copies were published
  • the page numbers of your sources in special fields.

Everything will be filled out automatically. The only thing admins need to know and write is DOI (Digital object identifier) of books, conference proceedings, articles, working papers, technical reports.

DOI is a modern standard for designating the provision of information on the Internet, used by all major international scientific organizations and publishing houses. 

DOI is unique words and numbers consisting of two parts - prefix and suffix. For example, 12.3456/789; here 12.3456 is a prefix and a publisher id (12 is an identifier tag, 3456 is a line pointing to a publisher).
789 - suffix, it is an object identifier pointing to a specific object.

The full information about the BibCite module created by ADCI Solutions you can find in this case study.

You can download for using the Bibliography & Citation - Crossref and the Bibliography & Citation module on website.

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