jQuery UI Touch Punch

An integration with jQuery UI Touch Punch Library. Usability improvement for touch devices

If you use jQuery UI widgets at your site and want to improve usability for your visitors who love using touch devices, this module is exactly what you are looking for. For example, your Commerce site has filters with slider range handler or you use Draggable Captcha module etc.

This quite simple module provides an integration with jQuery UI Touch Punch Library. The library allows you to use jQuery UI widgets such as Draggable, Sortable, Slider etc. on touch devices.


To install this module you have to download jQuery UI Touch Punch library and place it in a libraries directory into 'jquery.ui.touch-punch' folder. Next you have to install 'Libraries 2' module and 'jQuery UI Touch Punch' module as usual modules. That's all.

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Denis Usov

Team Lead

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