2015-2016 DrupalCon Design Partners

2015-2016 DrupalCon Design Partners

Wow! We are overwhelmed with emotions. This is great news! We became 2015-2016 DrupalCons Design Partners!

This year we have made a request to participate in the development of visual part of the DrupalCon Latin America. You can read about this in one of our previous posts. That time the fortune smiled to a participant from Bogota. We got a precious experience and decided to do our best next time. Then we did not know what huge success awaits us ahead.

A little later the Association published a new proposal. This time the competition was even bigger. Two creative and innovative design partners were sought for to create the web and print designs for the 2015 and 2016 DrupalCon events. Organizers had tons of great ideas from lots of smart companies.

We won, that's incredible! We’ll be a part of the team organizing European DrupalCons in the next couple of years. Second lucky guys are Cheeky Monkey Media. They will work on US DrupalCons.

This is a great chance to show up. We are the first team from Russia who got such opportunity. It's a great excitement and great responsibility. Our company has been working with Drupal for a long time. We have been actively participating in the life of the Drupal community for 7 years and we have managed to become a Featured Drupal service provider and Premium Supporting Partner. This experience and deep understanding of Drupal allows us to create web designs which use all the features and benefits of Drupal. Now we have a chance to try our hand at a higher level and create a special atmosphere for Drupal enthusiasts from around the world.

The design is an important part of the DrupalCon experience. We will be glad to work with a big family! Yeeeah!

“Congrats to Cheeky Monkey Media and ADCI Solutions! Welcome to the DrupalCon family”

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