ADCI Solutions helps transferring Drupal Gardens websites

ADCI Solutions helps transferring Drupal Gardens websites

ADCI Solutions helps transferring Drupal Gardens websites 1

Drupal Gardens hosting stops functioning

Six-year history of the huge Drupal Gardens website hosting provider is almost over. The last day Drupal Gardens provides hosting services to customers is August 1, 2016.

However, there are few options offered to the hosting’s customers. We will tell you about one of them a little bit later on.

What will happen to your website

What do the changes mean? All Drupal Gardens websites won’t be available after 8/1/2016.

Customers also won’t be able to access any data from Drupal Gardens sites.

How to save your website

We're here to do all the work for you:

  • we help you to choose another hosting if needed
  • we entirely migrate your Drupal Garden website to another hosting
  • we do it fast and thoroughly - no data left behind

Contact us to have your website migrated before 8/1/2016.

We're a featured Drupal service provider taking pride in challenging ourselves in every project. Our team delivers a unique and efficient product to each client. It’s not about magic: it’s all about Drupal and our persistent team that make your business empowered.

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