City picnic

City picnic

How to make a better urban environment and have fun in the summer? Green grass, fresh air, music, great food and all forms of art will meet in one place thanks to City picnic.

It will be held for the third time. The main feature of this event is that everything that happens on the picnic is organized by the participants themselves. Anyone can hold a master class or a performance, show a movie, prepare drinks or food for visitors.

This year ADCI Solutions contributed to the organization of City picnic and became a partner of the main summer event in Omsk. We believe that it is very important to help public projects. Nobody would deny that the best holiday is a holiday created with our own hands. Its concept is similar to the principle of the open source where each individual contribution is important to achieve a mutual result.

City Picnic is the place of open and free communication initiatives. What it is going to be this year depends on the participants, volunteers, partners, and guests. Come over, ADCI Solutions team will be glad to see everyone on a summer lawn!

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