Drupal Cafe #14

Drupal Cafe #14

You must be anticipating the average Drupal Cafe agenda: back-end, front-end and a couple of soft skill sessions. Partly true: back-end session on Drupal and ESI was accompanied by SAAS lecture, designer’s role discussion and the talk on getting satisfaction from work and from conscious decisions.

Is it worth mentioning that 3 out of 4 speakers represented the different competitive teams? We do think it’s a huge milestone: knowledge should be distributed whoever hosts the meeting and gives the other lecturers.

The whole agenda looked this way:

  1. SAAS you can build easily
  2. UI / UX designer’s role in the project
  3. Drupal and ESI: to be or not to be?
  4. Taking the maximum satisfaction from a working process.

Though the audience consisted mainly of mature developers, the design session inspired many questions regarding tasks distributions and designer-developer collaboration. The last speaker spiced up the atmosphere with a provocative topic on being satisfied with work. The conversation turned into a wild debate about making vital decisions and when it’s possible or not at all.

Whatever serious choices you’re facing, we offer you a good deal now: to have a look at the photos from the conference :)

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