November 24, 2015

As a Drupal shop we at ADCI Solutions always take part in Drupal events of a different scale. We regulary visit DrupalCons and organize and hold Drupal Cafes four times a year. In addition we think it is our duty to raise awarness of Drupal among local web developers and teach them ways of a true Drupal samurai. That's why for the second time in our history we organized Drupal Global Training Day in Omsk.

The only Drupal GTD in Russia was held on 21st of November. Students, beginner web developers and programmers from Omsk learned about Drupal CMS simultaneously with like-minded people from Japan, India, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Brasil and a lot of other countries. We decided to dedicate this conference to the very basics of Drupal web developing and divided the programm to four sessions. Firstly, Evgeny Leonov and Roman Solodyankin told the audience about Drupal development history, the most important dates and updates. Then Artyom Halturin and Artyom Zenkovets introduced participants of the conference to the Drupal CMS itself and showed everyone how to create a website with it and how easy it is even without any programming knowledge. The third session was about themisation in Drupal, in which Denis Usov explained how to make a website look good. The closing report was about a Drupal community, Marina Paych told us about the community and benefits it gives to its members.
And of course it wouldn’t be a complete event without a contest! At the end of the conference we hels a small quiz and rewarded winners with our branded souvenirs.

This year Drupal Global Training Day in Omsk gathered more than 70 participants and we are incredibly excited that so many beginner web developers interested in Drupal and want to learn everything about it! It is always a pleasure to see new faces, acquire new acquaintances and to know that people like what we do. Many thanks to all who came to Drupal GTD in Omsk!

We’ll see you again next year!

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