September 15, 2016

You guess: what made more than 100+ people to get themselves together and go to the ADCI Events Hub last rainy Saturday morning?
Correct, Drupal Global Training Day #3.

We guided wanna-be-Drupallers into the Drupal world at 5 theoretical sessions and at a Barcamp. To cut a long story short, the lecturers told the participants about Drupal Community and the Drupal CMS history, how one of the most popular languages - PHP - is interconnected with the Drupal evolution and what technologies’ stack is useful for web-apps.

We carried the pace on with Drupal Barcamp: ADCI Solutions’ team members and the event guests discussed the topics “Career in Drupal” and “Drupal VS other CMS”. No feelings were hurt.

And some fancy figures for you.

  • 107 participants came
  • 5 lecturers and 6 speakers got together
  • 10 pies and 6 kilos of bologna were devoured
Stay cool! Another episode from Drupal long-run series is on its way.

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