May 20, 2014

ADCI Solutions is a member of the Drupal Association. About a year ago we found the activists who worked with Drupal too and together we founded Omsk Drupal Community. But it isn’t actually the news.

The news is that we launch a campaign to attract students to the world of Drupal. In the next academic year we are planning to give a series of lectures at universities about web design and features of Drupal, and also to organize training during the summer holidays.

ADCI Solutions team developed an informal logo for this campagin. We’ve thought for a long time about the concept. It reflects our belief in the growing power of Drupal CMS. We chose the logo of Drupal 8 with infinity symbol. Also we decided that it will be a funny and cheerful logo that will make young people want to know more about Drupal. We want them to understand that Drupal is not boring. We would like to emphasize that we are always looking for new community members such as young enthusiasts and students. Our logo symbolizes the spirit of youth and fun on the one hand and infinity and strength on the other hand. Logo looks like a sticker for the laptop. Students love them very much.

Soon we’ll have a lot of T-shirts with the new logo. We are going to give them to our friends, community participants and students. Would you like to get one? Here’s our t-shirts design.

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