At DrupalCon 6204 sandwiches were eaten. What else should you know?

At DrupalCon 6204 sandwiches were eaten. What else should you know?

This year in Vienna there were a lot of speakers, specialists and just people who love Drupal and work with it. And all of this thanks to DrupalCon - the most exciting event for each Drupalist.  

We just couldn't stay away and, of course, our team members - Denis, Alex, and Marina - went to Vienna for sharing their experience and getting a new one back.

ADCI Solutions at DrupalCon Vienna
ADCI Solutions at DrupalCon Vienna

DrupalCon started with the big business-summit. That event focused on specific problems and opportunities which business owners face in their daily routine. Our colleagues joined the Marketing & Collaboration workshop and learned about the best practices in the development of the Drupal business.

The second big meeting was the next day. There new milestones of Drupal were discussed.

A clue session was a speech by Dries Buytaert, the Drupal’s creator. It was very inspirational and informative. There are some moments from this one:

  • The number of fixed problems increased by 22%, the number of unique participants increased by 28%, and companies -  26%.
  • For the first time in the team there are not only developers but also a designer.
  • The latest version of Drupal 8 is gradually gaining an audience: 38% use only this.
  • Drupal companies started to use new technologies, like Vue.jsSymfony, and React.js, etc. It means that now clients get even a more flexible product.

By the way, we have applied these technologies to our work and make projects with React.js, Symfony, and Vue.js now. It is really awesome! You should try it.

DrupalCon Vienna
DrupalCon Vienna

The same day was full of sessions and we shared our experience, too. Marina performed at DrupalCon for the second time. She spoke in the non-technical section - "Being Human" with a report: "A leader or a manager? How to define your leadership stand".  A lot of people came to listen to Marina and ask her questions. “It went pretty well. I was really enjoying this experience in the end”, - said Marina about her speech. The video is available below.

Besides, Marina and Denis conducted their own BoFs. At Marina’s BoF, cruel marketing, sales, successes, tools, and life situations in promoting Drupal services were talked over. Denis’ BoF gathered together representatives of higher education and experts in Drupal. They discussed problems and modern practices which can help to solve them. The result of Denis’ BoF was an answer to the question: “What institutes are looking for today and how these problems can be implemented with the help of Drupal?”.

Our team members hold excellent sessions at DrupalCon. We are proud and congratulate them.

DrupalCon ended with a traditional informal party where you could relax a bit from sessions and discuss new knowledge with like-minded people.

DrupalCon Vienna was attended by 1670 people! Almost a third of them were at DrupalCon for the first time, and 24% of speakers had a session for the first time, as well. 6204 sandwiches were eaten and 5778 hot cups of coffee were drunk during DrupalCon. This means that Drupal conquers more and more minds and become better.

After all, our guys went to Berlin for a meeting with ladies and gentlemen from GoldLand Media. It was the interesting weekend.


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