DrupalCon Amsterdam

DrupalCon Amsterdam

The largest European DrupalCon took place in Amsterdam September 29 - October 3. More than 2,000 people from around the world attended the event: developers, IT-professionals, and executives. 

ADCI Solutions team could not miss this event, and we went to Amsterdam. 

DrupalCon included interesting speakers, topical issues, hot discussions and a grand entertainment, which deserved special attention this time. 

We took part in the quest where we were to visit the pubs marked with blue balloons. We had a list of questions to answer to get some prize. The organizers turned out to have a sense of humor because the questions and tasks were fun and actually there was no prize. The best prize was the atmosphere and the spirit of Amsterdam we managed to feel that night.

In Amsterdam, the next European DrupalCon spot was presented, that will be Barcelona. This is especially important for us because our company was chosen as DrupalCons Design Partners 2015-2016. We are proud that we participate in the preparation of the conference. 

Unfortunately, these few days have flown by so fast! Amsterdam will remain in our memory as a bright city open to new experiences, a city with stunning architecture and the special spirit of freedom! 

On February 2015 next DrupalCon will be held in Bogota. Even though we have just returned from Amsterdam, already looking forward to visit this event next time!

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