DrupalCon'2013 Prague

Prague, the heart of Europe, cordially greeted everyone who was interested in Drupal that late September. ADCI Solutions team, a premium supporting partner of the Drupal Association, sent a representative there.

During the official program of the events from 23 to 27 September associates from all over the world were attending a CXO (business event), three days of sessions, keynotes, BoFs, and a full day of contribution sprints.

However, 1800 participants not only gained new knowledge and enjoyed pleasant communication. Catering was on top and helped to multiply wonderful impressions. After the buffet, the hearts of the participants were filled with complacency and stomachs were filled with culinary delights.

We managed to make new friends and personally meet partners we've been corresponding with, Megan Saniki, for example. The final photo of all the participants represents the main idea of the Drupal meetings: like Charles Bridge connects the two banks in Prague, DrupalCon is intended to build bridges between all who live in a huge community of Drupal.

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