Drupal@Omsk #1

Drupal@Omsk #1

The First Drupal Meeting (2013/03/23)

One of the advantages of Drupal is its community. Drupal is famous for its slogan: "come for the software, stay for the community". Drupallers around the world come together to share experiences and help each other. We believe that it is wonderful!

And some time ago we have decided to organize a community in our city.

So, here is the report on the first meeting of Omsk Drupalers. We decided to perform an organizational meeting to discuss important issues: community goals, the model, the frequency of meetings, etc.

The meeting began unexpectedly: 14 Drupalers came to the meeting (only 7 people confirmed their presence before meeting).

Meeting agenda:
  • Introduction (everybody introduced themselves);
  • Analysis of the situation in the World, then in Russia, and, particulary, Omsk situation, and later discussed the model of the community; Alexander Kuznetsov presented his own model of the community and the development plan for Drupal community in Omsk;
  • Discussion of interests / goals of participants and the options in achieving the objectives.

As a result, we have compiled a list of the activities that we want to do:

  1. Brainstorm. Discuss the complex architecture of the solution. It’s an extra meeting for implementing extra tasks.
  2. Reports, DrupalCafe etc. - meetings to exchange experiences.
  3. The patch share system - Igor Rodionov will tell about this system at the next meeting.
  4. Drupal school. It is necessary to attract new people to Drupal community. Promoting Drupal to the masses.

So, we hope that it will be a strong community in Omsk.

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