June 16, 2013

The Fourth Drupal Meeting (2013/06/15)

Hello Everybody!

Two months later after the Third meeting we decided to gather the Omsk community. We were glad to organize one more Drupal meetup in our office. There were many speakers who decided to make a presentation. We discussed adaptive/responsive design, talked about Drupal Themes, LESS, SMACSS, and also talked about Testing.

Sessions that were presented on the Meeting:

  1. Stas Kuzminov "Automated testing. Selenium"
  2. Anton Shubkin "Less or even more"
  3. Kate Kalashnikova & Leonid Mamaev "Adaptive theming (omega + delta + context)".

Later members of community discussed those topics and had a nice chat. The meeting was useful and interesting, everyone found something new.

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