October 28, 2013

Despite the rain and Saturday laziness the meeting was held. Over 35 people came to listen to the reports and to eat sausages at ADCI Solutions team office. It is pleasure that each meeting the number of participants is increasing. We dare to hope that it's not because of the sausages. 
Four reports were presented to the audience and found a response from the listeners. Below you will find the links to the slideshows for detailed acquaintance: 

1. Komelkov Denis (ADCI solutions) "Upgrade from 6 to 7 or how to work with a file and a hammer".

2. Olga Smolyankina, Katerina Kalashnikova (ADCI solutions) "An approach to building a responsive website".

3. Anton Shubkin, Yaroslav Ponomarev (ADCI solutions) "Own types of entities: why and how to use them".

4.Sergei Susikov (Cold Brain) "Drupal 8. Movement towards".

During the meeting we tested a new format of video communication. Everything passed successfully. Thanks to Google Hangouts.  Further we will be able to organize teleconferences with our distant congenial colleagues. 
P.S.: If you've got something to report on Drupal, let us know about your intentions and we will be glad to see you as a speaker in the following meeting! 
Thanks to everyone for the involvement and presence. Photos are attached.

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