Drupal@Omsk #6

Drupal@Omsk #6

We will sum up the results of the sixth meeting of Omsk Drupal community. It was a very important meeting because it was the first one this year and therefore had to set the tone to the community for a year.

We were also worried because we presented a new space to the community. We had a wish to provide the speakers a spacious and qualitative platform for a long time. Besides more and more people began to come to the meetings. Our new office has become an ideal place fot this. We managed to create a good platform for performances. And it's great! About 30 people came to the meeting. It was pleasant to meet old friends, and it was also a joy to see some new faces. We hope that in some time they will become speakers and share their knowledge.

The program included three reports:

  1. Dmitry Tartynov "Contextly: let readers continue to read",
  2. Olga Smolyankina "Import data from the server of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation: how to",
  3. Anton Shubkin. Drupal 8: What's new?

This was our first Drupal Cafe when we carried out a workshop. It was called "Chef for Drupal". Igor Rodionov showed how to install a virtual machine. Adding a new kind of activity was the right decision. Practical exercises helped to strengthen the knowledge and brought a variety to the program. As a result we received a positive feedback from the participants. Fine, we will continue going this way.

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