Drupal@Omsk #7

Drupal@Omsk #7

The 7th Drupal Cafe organized by Drupal Omsk community and ADCI Solutions took place on November 15. Speakers from Novosibirsk came to our city to share their experience and knowledge. This was our first experience of inviting nonresident speakers, not to say that all of them were nonresident without exception.

Spirited discussions and serious reports were held in a friendly atmosphere. Such meetings are useful both for novice and experienced Drupal enthusiasts.

It was the 7th meeting that was attended by speakers from Novosibirsk - NP DrupalSib. About 30 people gathered to listen to colleagues and ask questions.

The program included five reports:

  1. Chingis Sandanov "NP DrupalSib. Working in the supersystem";
  2. Dmitry Kiselev "Basic Performance";
  3. Alla Tyurina "Authentication via LDAP";
  4. Mikhail Kraynyuk "Form API 3: AJAX-commands";
  5. Pavel Prishchepa "High-loaded backend on the basis of Drupal".

In November we had a photo competition. Participants were to take a funny photo with Drupal 8 logo. During the coffee break, we awarded the winner of our photo contest Anton Fedin. The winner presented a cute picture of hand-mage Drupal cookies. Moreover, he brought some cookies for Community to try. Congratulations to the winner and thanks to all participants!

This Cafe brought some fresh air to our future meetings. We were grateful to our Novosibirsk guests and thanked them with a little city tour that could be not so short if it wasn’t that cold. After a short walk, we enjoyed our dinner, hot tea and long informal conversations in a cozy place. We’ll definitely call into their office when in Novosibirsk.

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