Drupal@Omsk #8

Drupal@Omsk #8

The 8th Drupal@Omsk Cafe was held on 28th of February - the last day of winter 2015. This time more than 65 Drupal enthusiasts came to listen to interesting topics, share their experience and just have fun.

Except for ordinary agenda of 4 reports we had an extra contest between the speakers’ reports. There were five questions about IT and Drupal each break. The person who gave the right answer got a tangerine which was thrown to him by the event host. So it was competitive and funny at the same time.
Speaking about agenda, it might be concluded that it was useful and attention catchy because we had the variety of topics from the history of Drupal to interactive demonstrations.

Here is the list of reports:

  1. Anton Shubkin "Front-end Performance"
  2. Sergey Susikov “The history of Drupal”
  3. Leonid Mamayev "Arduino and Drupal. Interactive demonstration"
  4. Alexander Kuznetsov "Varnish and cache rushing to help"

At the cafe closing, we finalized the results of the contest and rewarded the winners. The branded Drupal@Omsk community T-Shirts were the prizes. During the Cafe, we were filming and taking pictures of participants and then created a video which was shown at the end.

The atmosphere of the Cafe was warm and cozy. Participants asked a lot of questions, discussed the reports and talked to each other during the breaks. The 8th Drupal Cafe in Omsk brought a lot of positive emotions to both attendees and organizers.

Let’s meet again at the 9th Drupal Cafe!

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