Halloween 2018 at ADCI Solutions

Trick or treat? Trick, of course, trick! We did awful things the last week: deployed to the prod on Friday, didn't exercise, hired a Fortune Teller - with Drupal background though. It goes without saying that we redecorated our office and scared our office-cleaner to death.

We made a lama out of our roman chair.

ADCI Solutions' lama
ADCI Solutions' lama aka roman chair

We brought a little Red Riding Hood from the dark forest, and she brought some pies as well.

Halloween 2018 at ADCI Solutions
The Little Red Riding Hood wandering near the offices

We called for the dead, and a guy in a black plastic bag showed up and took a seat next to Jack-O’-Lanterns. The fortune teller made us feel safe and sound about our future commits. We even called some bad guys from the hell and they liked what they had seen (yes, we are talking about Friday deploy). 

Halloween 2018 at ADCI Solutions

We spiced up the evening with traditional mafia game and friendly colleagues killings. 

Besides jokes, why celebrate Halloween being here, in Russia? We love experiencing our clients' traditions for the sake of a deeper understanding, and since we work with North America and Europe a lot, we couldn't stay aside. Two years ago our long-term business partners even shared that mysterious evening with us. Read this blog post to refresh the memories.

Happy belated Halloween! 

Halloween 2018 at ADCI Solutions
The Fortune Teller and the guests

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