Halloween corporate party

Halloween corporate party

You hardly ever bump into a sailor and his jealous lady, a vampire and German business partners at the corporate party. The Halloween celebration, of course, is an exception. A lot of different characters were brought to ADCI Solutions by Halloween vibes. The usual party flow with singing to the guitar and playing mafia (a role-playing game where peaceful residents must figure out who is the mafia) was disturbed with 2 challenges.

The main party rule was “Speak English, ladies and gentlemen” (why? How do you think?). If someone had talked better than “London is the capital of Great Britain”, our demonic bartender popped up and treated us with his devilish drinks.  Not everybody remained standing. Despite everything we laughed, we sang, we played. Alike every good story, ours should end up with a mystery and a slight hope for the second chapter.

Who were these German partners? Party characters? Friends? Or they were just miracles caused by bartender’s drinks?

Read the next blog post and reveal the truth!

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