Lviv Euro DrupalCamp 2014

On 6-7 September Lviv Euro DrupalCamp 2014 will take place in Ukraine.

It’s the third time when you can listen to interesting lectures and participate in the discussion of the most pressing issues of the scope of Drupal in Lviv. The program is made for a wide audience: beginners, experienced developers, IT business owners.

Lviv is the ancient European city with a colorful architecture. It is loved by tourists for a variety of excursions, so each guest will find a place to visit for himself. Lovers of exotics can visit the unique museum of fat. Everyone else without exception is recommended to take a tram ride around the beautiful city and look at the sculptures of lions (there are 24 of them in the city).

The off-hour conference program promises to be very eventful: lasertag, picnic, code sprint and beer-pong! If you're flat-out and have no energy, you can always be recharged by fresh coffee. This year coffee breaks will be even better because they are sponsored by ADCI Solutions.

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