Online Competition for Drupalers

Online Competition for Drupalers

How to make Drupal café fascinating and useful

On November 15 another meeting of Drupal café - Drupal@Omsk took place. The ADCI Solutions company holds such meetings regularly in order to involve more people and make a contribution to the Drupal Association through knowledge sharing and professional development of the Omsk Drupal community.

And this Drupal Café, the seventh one, became special for two reasons at once. Firstly, ADCI Solutions invited experts from Novosibirsk to share their knowledge and experience in development of the Drupal platform. And secondly, during this event, the results of the online competition conducted by the company for the first time were announced.

More than 40 people came to listen to the invited speakers. Attendees of the event actively collected new information, asked questions and got to know the guests from Novosibirsk. This Café was a kind of an interactive platform for the education and communication with adherents.

Online Competition for Drupalers

However, the Drupal@Omsk #7 was that special not only because of the amazing speakers. Due to the fact that Drupal is a rapidly developing platform, it is necessary to permanently educate the Drupal enthusiasts, whose number is now more than 1 million people worldwide. And in order to involve the new audience in Omsk Drupal community and in the same time to create the movement among the current developers and IT-specialists, ADCI Solutions came up with the idea of a brand new online competition on the basis of the main Russian social network “VK”. The participants of this competition were to make a creative picture or photo with the Drupal 8 logo, upload it in a particular photo-album and collect votes for their works. And from the 5 finalists, who deserved this prize the most, the winner was determined by the Council of the Omsk Drupal community. 

Despite ADCI Solutions conducted such a competition for the first time, the process of its organizing was on a high level and promotion consisted of the various number of marketing channels which included not only social networks but also places the informational posters in the Universities and IT-loft, as well as the branded graffiti wall that was made in the famous Omsk coffee shop for people to take photos and selfies with the Drupal logo.

The advantage of this kind of a competition was that participants became promoters themselves, and not only of the competition but also of the Drupal community itself because they made branded pictures with Drupal 8 logo and agitated their friends to vote for them and gradually got to know about the platform.

Thus, 7th Drupal Café achieved its goal of uniting the Drupal community and knowledge sharing among its members for the further development. Moreover, the friendly atmosphere of the conference allowed to talk about serious things and have fun at the same time. That’s why all participants left with the warm memories in their minds.

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