A weekend with Goldland Media

A weekend with Goldland Media

Frederik Förster, Malte Nisch, and Tino Urbiks arrived in Omsk on the last Friday morning and the next 4 days they were discovering the way we work, celebrate, host guests and hug birches.

All the gentlemen represent a Berlin agency “Goldland Media”. ADCI Solutions team has been collaborating with this agency for more than 2 years, and finally got an opportunity to meet in person.

Frankly speaking, we felt a little bit nervous since it was the very first time when our business partners came to us. Still, it was an experience we would definitely go through again and again. Despite the slight language barrier, all of the members of our team and foreign friends got on like a house on fire.

The day after the Halloween party we hold a city and local bars tour. Let the photos speak for themselves: check the gallery below! We captured only the moments memorable for our guests, but believe us: this rather short experience is a thing to remember. On Sunday all men headed to a Russian sauna and the German guests could fully experience Russian nature.

On Monday we cooked up a little video for you! Tino - a seasoned Berlin drupaler left us some notes which are to be released soon.

All four days ADCI Solutions CEO Alex was accompanying our dear guests. We believe that the best way to understand your business partners is to get to know them in the informal atmosphere. It isn’t possible in each project but that’s the situation to strive for.

Malte, Frederik, and Tino thank you for this shared vacation! We rediscovered our own city and made these 4 days rock!


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