Being a DrupalCon Design Partner

As we wrote before, we are a European DrupalCons 15-16 Design Partners. And in a week a part of our team is going to participate in DrupalCon Dublin which is the second event we designed for the Drupal Association.

And at this touching farewell moment, we wanted to memorize and reflex our experience of being a design partner and working together with the Drupal Association. We thought it over and decided that the best way to follow up this work is to share with the Drupal Community what it's like - to be a part of the DrupalCon preparation and forward good wishes to the next Design Partner. 

So we told our story and the Drupal Association has published it in its blog. You can read it here

In conclusion, we want to say that we still are very proud that we were honored to become a design partner of the biggest Drupal event. That tells us that we made a significant impact on a global Drupal Community and it inspires us for the further achievements.  

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