Our 7th anniversary

Last Saturday, the 29th of November, was the special day for ADCI Solutions team. And it's all because on this date the company celebrated its 7th birthday.

7 years of our company's history are full of bright moments and significant achievements. So we had a lot of occasions to celebrate this year as well. During this year we organized two Drupal cafes and successfully ran Global Training Day which is the worldwide event of global Drupal community. We've been to Amsterdam and Austin, participating in DrupalCons, sponsored first-ever New England Drupalcamp and many more various events that made the 7th year of the company's existence unforgettable. Also, we are very proud to announce that we became 2015-2016 DrupalCons Design Partners!

Due to this special occasion, we all gathered together to celebrate and have fun. First, we had traditional festive dinner together with the whole ADCI Solutions team and shared our feelings and memories about last year of work. Then we went outside to walk, cook the kebab and make snow angels. After we had an amazing time playing guitar and singing songs. As usual, this kind of informal meetings raised the team mood and willingness to work hard for the future success!

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