Examples of medical websites that rely on Drupal

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Can you hear this sound? That noise coming behind your back - this is a popular CMS for website building overtaking the other one. The website should be fast, simple, and user-friendly. Drupal is perfect for many types of websites. Earlier, we discussed the advantages of using Drupal for a university website, e-commerce websites, and considered the creation of a food delivery application on Drupal. And today we have selected for you a few examples of healthcare Drupal websites, including the one created by ADCI Solutions.

Why Drupal is so popular in healthcare?

Let's take one step back to 1996. Congress passed the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which sets national standards for the exchange and security of protected health information (PHI). In May 2018, Europe dug a little deeper and added a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that changes the way organizations collect, store, and transmit the personal data of EU citizens and residents. Essentially, GDPR grants EU citizens expanded control of their personal data.

In this reality, these new regulations are a problem for medical healthcare providers. Their websites must follow these guidelines and protect their patients properly.

The number of exposed records more than doubled between 2017 and 2018, and more than tripled between 2018 and 2019. In 2019, healthcare data breaches were reported at a rate of 1.4 per day, according to the HIPAA Journal. So, why do we recommend you the website based on Drupal? Drupal is a perfect fit for websites for medical websites! Why is this CMS often chosen by healthcare organizations?

  • The most secure option for organizations working with highly secure data. Drupal can boast of top-notch security for your website. The Drupal encryption system is HIPAA compliant to protect sensitive patient’s data.
  • A lot of modules. Drupal has thousands of modules and themes that provide the ability to customize user experience and deliver personalized data to patients and doctors online for improving patient experience and satisfaction. For example, Drupal's integration with the Electronic Health Records (EHR) system helps providers communicate with patients through a secure portal. Custom modules and plugins can also be created for unique business rules and needs. With minimal technical knowledge, they are easy to install and configure.
  • Intuitive administrative part. Moreover, many processes can be automated. Also, it has a certain logic and structure. It greatly facilitates the work of representatives of medical clinics, pharmacies, and other similar institutions.
  • Personalization. Thanks to flexible parameters, the website interface can be quickly customized as you need.
  • No royalties fee. It is open-source software.
  • Outside the control of the supplier. Drupal is a large active developer community. It is widely supported by a large number of qualified agencies and developers beyond the control of the supplier.

Drupal also has modules that can translate the websites into over 90 languages, which helps to improve communication with patients. Drupal's mobile-centric design allows healthcare professionals to use tablets to collect medical information and access records. This had affected the workflows and made additional changes to the user interface, to improve its interaction with patients and supplier satisfaction.

The latest version of Drupal is considered one of the richest and flexible Content Management System (CMS) platforms ever created. Drupal is used by hundreds of hospitals and healthcare systems today, including some of the most famous and effective hospital websites. So let's finish the theory and move on to live examples.

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Let's start with the oldest and largest private cancer center in the world - The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, dedicated to over a century of patient care, innovative research, and outstanding educational programs. The website was among the first organizations that created an innovative platform with navigation among requests from the patients, carers, researchers, healthcare professionals, and students.

MU Health Care

MU Health Care is an academic medical center built on Drupal 8. It consists of 5 hospitals, about 60 primary and specialized healthcare clinics. Now, let's run through the website’s features. The section "Locations" offers an interactive location search with cartographic functions based on Google maps. And in addition to this, users can customize their search using the current location. "Video Visits" is one of the innovative features on this website. A computer, tablet, or smartphone with a camera and an audio system is everything that is needed by patients. Each visit costs $59. Video streaming uses a secure and encrypted system that complies with strict HIPAA guidelines to protect your information. The website won double gold at W3 Awards 2017, gold at Daveys 2017, awarded Acquia Engage Awards and Healthcare Leadership Awards. It's a fascinating feature.


The MU Health Care website

Chesapeake Regional Healthcare

Chesapeake Regional Healthcare is a health company that uses its website to serve Southeast Virginia and Northeast North Carolina residents. The website has a feature "Find a Doctor" at any location. The search options and filters are broken down by various categories: specialty, language, keyword, and location (similar to Amazon). At the time, it was a tall order, a unique unparalleled feature. The development team has outdone themself. Moreover, it has the most popular social media platforms integrated and that provides better user engagement. The website is built on Drupal 8.


The Chesapeake Regional Healthcare website

Advent Health

The Advent Health brand was known as The Florida hospital until 2018. The goal of the change was to become a "one consumer-centric connected and identifiable national system". Its architecture is a prime example of Drupal scalability. The website infrastructure demonstrates how web applications can dramatically improve the patient experience. Here you can find a doctor, pay a bill online, donate and volunteer, make an appointment, apply for a job, etc. The Advent Health system determines the user's location based on the IP address. In addition, the website provides users with a display that shows the current waiting time in the ЕR. The Advent Health website - a great example of how to use a modern technology focused on the patient.

Adven Health

The Adven Health website

Caring Crowd

CaringCrowd is a crowdfunding platform devoted entirely to improving the health of people around the world. The website has an older version of the CMS in comparison to the other examples in this article (Drupal 7). The platform allows NGO or non-profit organizations to submit health-related projects to receive donations. The main goal of the platform -  donations to the project. This task is solved with Stripe and such modules as Stripe API and Encrypt. The website presents a “Lives touched” map on which you can see how many people received help directly. Just click on red dots on the map to view the companies that helped the respective country. You can find more information about the platform on the Drupal.org website.


The Caring Crowd website


The Elsan story started at the moment of merger between Vedici and Vitalia in November 2015. In June 2017, they entered into a partnership with MédiPôle Partenaires, thus reinforcing the position as the leader in the private hospital sector for France. This website was chosen for the most beautiful and modern design in our list. Lighter shades, illustrations, and sketch-style icons convey a feeling of warmth and care. It is the main message that this medical website broadcasts. 

The features it includes: finding a doctor, making an appointment, paying a bill online, donating and volunteering, applying for a job, and more.


The Elsan website

Jordan Air Ambulance Center

The Jordan Air Ambulance Center (JAAC) was established at the direction of His Highness King Abdullah II, as a new center in Jordan. Its destiny is to serve air medical evacuation of the seriously wounded and sick from hospitals to Amman, where more advanced medical centers work. Drupal 8 was selected to run the website as the JAAC is a state institution. It was a sure-fire way to maintain a high level of safety and security updates. Also, the website is presented in two languages, which helps to improve communication with patients.


The Jordan Air Ambulance Center (JAAC) website

16 and Under

We at ADCI Solutions have been working relentlessly for the success of our clients.

The first consultation at the 16 and Under children medical center was held in August 2004. In September 2020, they consist of 3 clinics and 170 pediatric specialists for Omsk (Russia). 

The website is presented as an online registration. The user comes to the website to make an appointment, get an online consultation, and find out the test results. All CTA elements are highlighted with the clinic's corporate colors and collected on the first screen of the main page. In the section “services and prices”, users calculate the total cost of medical services from different sectors.

Full Case Description


The 16 and Under clinic website

A little bonus is here. We will share a few examples of modules that can be used to build a website with the same functionality:

  • payment for medical treatment: Commerce, Commerce NoCart.
  • polls: Poll.
  • vote (in our case, this is the ability to like one of the doctors): Fivestar.
  • сreate a contact form: Webform.
  • slider: Slick Carousel.
  • ability to customize standard administration pages: Administration Views.
  • better page layout management: Panels.
  • building API for other internal apps (in our case, for ‘online consultation’ React application) : Services, Services views
  • allows site administrators to define conditionally executed actions based on occurring events: Rules.

Thanks for reading to the end. Interested in using Drupal for your hospital or healthcare system? Don't know how to start? Ask us at the free initial consultation hello@adcillc.com and bless you!

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