The website was developed for Aurum Jets LLC a major international aircraft broker/dealer which specializes in buying and selling business jets, commercial airliners, turboprops and helicopters for Fortune 500 companies, global corporations, governments and individuals worldwide.
The company previously relied primarily on its extensive network of contacts in order to generate business. It’s only web-presence was a landing page with information about the company and contact information. No listings were previously featured on the site.



Due to the international nature of the business that the company is in, the new website was designed to be multilingual from the very outset. Clients can chose their native language when viewing the site.



Complex search implemented on the site gives clients an opportunity to source the best available aircraft, from sources unattainable to other brokers. This gives clients a significantly wider range of options to select from, increasing the chances of finding the aircraft of their dream sooner, rather than later.



Clean, simple and modern website design allows users to concentrate on their prime objectives - to buy an aircraft or review the company competencies. The contact form is placed in the footer of every page in order to encourage an initial contact. The website is very informative and the simplicity of its design accentuates the professionalism of the Aurum Jets as a company.

In conclusion site users are greeted by an attractive looking website with a clean and user friendly website interface, that allows them to learn key information about the company and to search the company’s current listings, in a simple and effective fashion.