This project was interesting to us from a technical point of view as we used non-standard solutions to the solve many issues.

Portal vendor

Main portal page of vendor contains blocks that show the most relevant information / statistics with links to their full version. There is the block with the latest messaging, created by vendor and the block with top 10 most viewed consultant documents. We created a beautiful slide-out animation using jQuery for 5 most viewed documents.


A vendor can see full information and statistics for each message that he created for consultants - name of the message, date of publication, number of people receiving messages through the email service and he is able to read messages on the site. We used new html5 tag canvas for creating unusual animation in statistics block.


In addition, a vendor can see a table with all the consultants who have viewed this document. The table contains summary infomation of each consultant, such as: full name, company name, email address, city and state of residence.


Also, a vendor can view the complete profile of any consultant who signed in. In addition to information about consultants, a vendor can see data of all viewed messages sent by the vendor.


Each vendor has a page with all messages ever created by him. So he can see most viewed and top messages. We created a convenient interface for vendors to export messages .


We also created pages for vendors' documents with similar functionality, where they can see the detailed information about documents.



Portal Consultant

There are different blocks on the main page for consultants that display the most necessary information. Block with messages from vendors gives quick access to necessary information.

List of all vendors is also available for consultants. In this list consultants can read a brief description and add the vendor.

We created an easy form for consultants so that they can recommend any of their list of vendors, thereby increasing its ranking every month. Rating consists of the amount of transactions between vendors and consultants.


We created a promotional tour of the site where the consultant can see the key functions of the website, step by step, when he visits the portal for the first time. We used an interesting module "joyride" for the tour. It was created on the base of "joyride jQuery plugin". With it we easily created this promotional tour for consultants.


In addition to the block on the main page, consultants are provided with a page containing information about messages from vendors, total amount / number of read / unread messages. If the consultant does not need any messages, he can easily remove them from message list, and they will no longer appear.

After reading the message, it appears as read and consultant always knows which messages are new and which he has already read. We created a custom module for solving this task and put this module on for community.


Page with all vendors is available for consultants. Here they can visit profiles of vendors or open pages with their documents. Consultants  are able to remove any vendor from the list of their vendors at any time.


We created a usable interface of all vendors' documents available to consultants. All the documents are divided into categories, which makes it easier to find necessary documents.


Any consultant can view profiles of all vendors in the system, get detailed information about vendors and accordingly add / remove them from his list of vendors.


We created a usable interface for consultants' profiles. There they can change all the information about themselves. For convenience we divided information about consultants into 2 parts: general information and information about the user as a consultant.


We created a convenient search of best consultants on site. You can search consultants by state of residence or by solutions. We used 3 modules to accomplish this task.

On the first step we programmatically created form with some sorting parameters.

On the second step we used views module for viewing search results and added a jQuery script for different animations.

And on the third step we used a webform module and created necessary form. With these solutions we created such flexible and easily customizable form for consultants' search.