The product developed by us helps inhabitants of Germany to obtain information about doctors and to register in reception in a short time. A simple and intuitively clear interface of the site provides fast and convenient access to any section.

Besides usually the information articles of KVHB site contain many documents in pdf format. This may be helpful in case of absence of direct access to the site. In addition, pdf-documents can always be taken with you, downloaded to your mobile device.

The site offers an alphabetical index with links to all the published articles.


Each article can contain several attached pdf-files. To simplify the workflow of the content manager, we have developed a convenient drag-n-drop interface for upload pdf-documents.

Each doctor has their own profile page on the site. Profile pages contain all information, which can be necessary for the user to contact the chosen specialist. This information includes details about the clinic where the doctor works: address, phone, work schedule. Location of the clinic is indicated on the map.


Our team found some original solutions concerning information search on the site. Actually KVHB includes two types of search: specialists search and search of articles and documentation. In order to find the right doctor user must go to the appropriate link where the list of categories is presented. The list contains medical specialists, general practitioners, pediatricians or psychotherapists. The geography of search includes two cities: Bremen and Bremerhaven. You can specify the information about the location of the clinic by selecting the appropriate area/areas of the city. Thus, users can not only find a doctor in the desired direction, but also choose a convenient location of the clinic.


By default, the search of articles and documents is carried throughout the site. Search results list displays links to articles found on request as well as links to the pdf-documents. Search results can be sorted by date or by relevance.

The combination of informative elements of the site with a flexible search system allows visitors to clearly identify subjects of articles they are interested in or to find specific medical specialists who work in a clinic near their home. It certainly saves a lot of time and effort.