10 years of ADCI Solutions

10 years of ADCI Solutions

On the one side, 10 years is a long time, and on the other side, it is just a beginning. ADCI Solutions was founded on the 29th of November ten years ago. And the previous week we celebrated our first anniversary, as you might have guessed. On this special day, we want to dive into our memories and remember how it all began.

In the faraway year 2007, the history of our company has started. That time it was a 3-4 people company. These pathbreakers did their best and, perhaps, even more. Since then, we have learned a lot from the projects and from our clients. We taught each other at inner reports and meetings and pushed the boundaries of ourselves. And now when we are 10 years old, ADCI Solutions is a sustainable growth company with a strong team, the flexible stack of technologies, a convenient workflow, and the huge experience. All of these let us manage complex projects on a remote basis:  not everyone goes for this even working with a client side by side every day.

During these years we have made hundreds Drupal websites, 40+ modules, have written 69 articles and tutorials, and more than 100 blog posts, have held 16 Drupal Cafes, have been at 7 DrupalCons. And it is not our limit.

Even during this one year, we had a striking amount of chances to stand out. We were one of the organizers of Drupal Global Training Days, we held our anniversary Drupal Cafe #15, our head of organizational development was a speaker at DrupalCon Vienna and DrupalCon Baltimore, and our team members had their own BOFs at these DrupalCons, too! We are proud of what we have achieved. And we even more proud of our guys.

The first part of the celebration was the Wednesday cake eating. After dressing the whole team into brand new T-shirts, we made 5 kilos of cake disappear. In a few minutes, hah!

But it wasn’t the end of the celebration. On Friday we went to the bar after hard working hours. Work hard - party hard, right? According to the tradition, we awarded our team heroes with amazing gifts. They made a lot for the company and succeeded.

Our CEO Alex gave the warm speech in which he compared a 10 year period with other key moments in a human’s life. For example, you can bring up a child, get 2 college degrees, and you can grow a company which makes the lives of 35+ people better and brighter.

We spiced all up with a jolly quiz about a life of a typical developer and the fiery auction of privileges for the upcoming year. Yes, now the colleagues will laugh at this guy’s jokes! And we took care of those who prefer staying silent: they could bare their hearts in writing secret wishes and messages to their colleagues.

Now birthday is over and we are ready to work harder and better! You may look at photos from ADCI Solutions’ birthday in the gallery below.

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